An Agricultural Aircraft Carrier in the City

Risen National Agricultural Science and Technology Park of Wuhan, Hubei

Locating between the second ring road and third ring road of Wuhan City, the National Agricultural Science and Technology Park of Wuhan is a planned area of 37.54 square kilometers, adjacent to green Lion Hill and pretty South Lake. The park is intersected by the north-south Luoshi South Road and the east-west South Lake Avenue, and boasts a well-developed industrial chain and technology clusters. The zone strives to be a leading domestic and internationally influential modern agricultural science and technology park.

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology the new 100,000 m2 innovation centre is the first national-level science and technology business incubator for agricultural technology and will house over 140 selected businesses.

elopment is planned by the High-tech Agri Group (HAG) and the park’s management. Phase I of the project will  cover an area of 2000 mu_  with over RMB 10 billion RMB in investment. The best bio-agricultural park in China has already begun to take shape 

Wuhan National Agri Science and Technology Park houses an impressive range of agricultural research and teaching, academic exchange and collaboration institutes well regarded both in China and abroad including Huazhong Agricultural University, Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hubei Agriculture Department Promotion Office, Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and others. 

The Park is home to 3 major research labs, 12 national engineering centers, 5 ministerial testing centers and 11 post-doctorate research stations with 7 academicians and nearly 100,000 professional researchers and technicians delivering superior scientific and technological research and development. Several units and several disciplines undertake national “863”, “973” and other major scientific research projects. There are nearly hundred scientific achievements available for transformation and application every year. Wuhan Park leads the highest level of scientific and technological innovation in bio-breeding, agricultural microorganism, animal disease control, aquatic vegetable research and other disciplines and areas.  

Hubei provincial party committee and provincial government treat Wuhan National Agricultural Science and Technology Park as a “park in park” of East Lake High-tech Development Zone under “unified leadership, planning and policy planning”.

In 2003 East Lake High-tech Development Zone formed Wuhan Hi-tech Agriculture Group Co., Ltd. That integrates industrial development, capital operation, investment guidance and business incubation, as well as undertakes the function of managing National Agricultural Science and Technology Park of Wuhan. It implements the operation model of “province-city co-build, exploitation by owners and rolling development” as well as the regulatory mechanism of “government guidance, market operation and business management”.

As part of its investment and financing programme the Hi-tech Agriculture Group set up HAG Agricultural Venture Capital Fund, SMEs loan provision company and HAG insurance company to facilitate easier funding of resolve resident SMEs in the Park. 

National Agricultural Science and Technology Park of Wuhan enjoys a composite support from three categories of policies, including “Gold Ten” preferential policies granted by East Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, the polices on supporting the development of modern agriculture granted by national, provincial and municipal governments, and the polices on supporting the development of biological industry granted by national and local governments.