2016-10-25Wuhan Aviclub seaplane activity first flight ceremony was held

On September 29, 2016, Wuhan Aviclub seaplane activity first flight ceremony was held in OVCSTC Niushan lake (Aviclub aviation complex project location area). This activity not only marks the officially launched of CSTC flight project, also is a biggest event for optical valley navigation industry.;

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2016-10-25Hubei Vice governor Ren Zhenhe inspected CSTC exhibition area in ASEAN Exposition

During September 10-14, the secretary of CSTC construction and administration Party committee, Zhang Xiaoling, the deputy director, Wang Zhigang led the team came to Nanning to participate in the 13th ASEAN Exposition. In 11th afternoon, the deputy director of Hubei province, Ren Zhenhe led Nie Chan

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2016-10-25CSTC Longquan compensation community south area caped smoothly

Through construction team more than a year of hard fighting, Longquan compensation community (south area) caped smoothly in October 17 a.m. Longquan compensation community (south area) project was started on;August 19, 2015, under the joint efforts of construction units, design units, supervision un

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2015-09-08Li-yong liu, vice mayor led to Spain on high agriculture group overseas winery project cooperation

On August 27, li-yong liu, vice mayor accompanied by high agriculture group chairman xiaoling zhang visited in Valladolid, Spain YLLERA wine group, the company CEO Marrcos YLLERA lead the delegation to visit the vineyard and production workshop. Future cooperation opportunity, develop the Chinese m

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2015-08-31CSTC Incubator Building Contract for Concept Design Architectural Services Has Signed Successfully

July 19th, chairman of Wuhan Optical Valley Chinese Sci-Tech City Investment Co.,Ltd Zhang Xiaoling and chairman of Pei Partnership Architects LLP Chien Chung Pei has signed CSTC Incubator Building Contract for Concept Design Architectural Services, which heralds a world-class masterpiece tha

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