The State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the Hubei Provincial Government, and the Wuhan Municipal Government have held the Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurial Development Conference to establish a high-tech platform in order to attract an ongoing stream of international knowledge and investment. This culminated in March 2011 with the launch of "C-hinese Science and Technology City” within Wuhan’s East Lake District.Leading group of the Chinese Science and Technology City was established on July 21, 2011. Tang liangzhi, mayor of Wuhan, was assigned as the lead of the group.

The company is mainly responsible for organizing the planning and design of the city, implement and managing the plan, studying and preparing industrial development policy, and reporting back to the Management Committee of the East Lake High-Tech Zone. Once the plans have been reviewed and approved, the company will further implement the plan; lead land acquisition and provision; coordinate removal work and compensation programs; approve and review all projects; attract investment, introduce projects, and provide enterprises services; and implement all Management Committee decisions.