CSTC Longquan compensation community south area caped smoothly

1970.01.01 Release:本站编辑

Through construction team more than a year of hard fighting, Longquan compensation community (south area) caped smoothly in October 17 a.m. Longquan compensation community (south area) project was started on;August 19, 2015, under the joint efforts of construction units, design units, supervision units, execution units and relevant departments, all staff of the construction site overcome difficulties, grasp the schedule, quality, safety at the same time, completed the construction schedule. The president also the CEO of Wuhan OVCSTC Investment Co., ltd. Wang Hongjin, deputy director of Longquan street office, Kuang Xianjian, the relevant person of OVCSTC Investment Co., ltd. relevant departments, Hubei Kelian construction engineering Co., ltd., Wuhan Xingyu supervision Co., ltd.,; WISDRI design Co., ltd., Wuhan surveying-geotechnical research institute Co., ltd. participated in the activity.


The CEO Wang Hongjin fully affirmed the work result of construction unit, Hubei Kelian construction engineering Co., ltd., then congratulationed the caped ceremony held successfully, also hoped relevant units continue to carry forward the arduous struggle spirit, contributing to the compensation work guarantee both quality and quantity. Then the deputy director Kuang Xianjian said, Longquan compensation community is the local major live hoods project, its construction process and construction quality are satisfactory, the next stage street departments will continue to cooperate with all effort, benefit for local residents.