Hubei Vice governor Ren Zhenhe inspected CSTC exhibition area in ASEAN Exposition

1970.01.01 Release:本站编辑

During September 10-14, the secretary of CSTC construction and administration Party committee, Zhang Xiaoling, the deputy director, Wang Zhigang led the team came to Nanning to participate in the 13th ASEAN Exposition. In 11th afternoon, the deputy director of Hubei province, Ren Zhenhe led Nie ChangBin, deputy general secretary of the provincial government, Huang Mouhong, provincial deputy commissioner of commerce and other leaders, inspected OVCSTC exhibition area.


The vice governor Ren Zhenhe listened to the basic situation of OVCSTC exhibition enterprises, took a communication with the entrepreneurs about the "Internet +" to carry out online new mode of international trade. Ren Zhenhe emphasized that recently the state council approval to set up Hubei free trade area is a big opportunity of Hubei economic and social development, the parks and enterprises take advantage of ASEAN Exposition this big platform, "Internet +", general aviation industry as the breakthrough point, use the online and offline trading, science and technology cooperation ways to depth docking with ten ASEAN members, be benefit for further promote Hubei's open economy to do bigger and stronger.


The 13th ASEAN Exposition is the national grade A large exhibition, the key point is service enterprises of China and ASEAN countries, inclued electronic information, modern agriculture and other major field, more than 800 attending enterprises around the world, inclued more than 200 ASEAN enterprises, 150 exhibition projects. OVCSTC is the Overseas Chinese innovation platform that approved to set up by the state council overseas Chinese affairs office, is the only park that named with "ZhongHua", the ten ASEAN countries has always been the major area of CSTC attract business. During this exhibition, under the guidance of provincial science bureau, business bureau, CSTC together with ZALL cultural tourism group, Wuhan Aviclub group, Wuhan Lane Sync Supply Chain Management CO,LTD, cloud media group and other in total 18 major enterprises, in the form of special decoration made a team and took part in the exhibition, communicate and docking with more than 100 enterprises from ten ASEAN countries, preliminary reached cooperation intention in the aspects of ecological tourism, culture, science and technology innovation, to further expand visibility and influence of OVCSTC in southeast Asia.